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Parking Lot Lights

Shoebox Retrofits Using LED and Induction Lighting

There are many different variations of Parking Lot lighting. Many of them fall into the shoebox type of lighting. We have an LED retrofit for the majority of the parking lots across the world. Here are a few samples of projects we have worked on in the past.


Parking Lot Lights LED

Typical Parking Lot Style LED Retrofits

Parking Lot Lights Office Building

Office Complex Ohio Parking Lots and Up Lighting


Church Parking Lot Lighting

Church Parking Lot Lighting


  • Reduced energy consumption and operating costs by up to 80%.
  • Maintenance free operation – Eliminate your maintenance budget for up to 50 years.
  • Super Bright White Light, No UV or IR, reduces air conditioning loads in indoor applications for Showrooms and Service Areas
  • Unique design puts the light where you want it.
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials

Typical Automotive Parking Lot Light

Automotive Parking Lot Lights

  • Original 1000W Metal Halide
  • 300W Replaces 1000W HID
  • Energy Savings Alone Is Over $300 Per Year Not Including Maintenance Cost

If an LED Retrofit is not in your budget we can also offer a New Induction Light to brighten up your lot, give you 100,000 hours of maintenance FREE operation and save you up to 50% in Energy Savings.

LED Retrofit  

Typical Shoebox light for converting 1000W Metal Halide or

High Pressure Sodium to 400W Induction.

With a virtually maintenance free 100,000 hour lamp life rating, energy savings of up to 80%, unmatched lumen maintenance, and a faster return on investment (ROI), induction lighting is a great alternative to HID lighting fixtures.

Induction fixtures turn on instantly, even in colder temperatures, was really important. Unlike HPS, HID, and LED sources, induction lighting fixtures operate in cold temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Give us a call for more information on either our LED Retrofit Package or our New Induction Shoebox that will save you up to 50% in energy cost. The payback is there. Start putting money back in your pocket and not in the utility company’s bank account.

Call NOW We will shoot you out a quote and a basic Return on Investment to show you how fast you will start putting money back into your pocket.

0524-DSC 2585-800  Induction 200w shoebox retrofit 2


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See How Much You Can Save 

Following savings based on 13 hrs/day 52 wks/yr (4745hrs/yr) and $.12/kwh cost Below figures are based on yearly electricity and maintenance savings.

HID Watts Actual Watts Electric Cost LED Retrofit Watts Electric Cost Electrical Savings Maint. Savings Total Savings
100W 125W $71.17 27W $15.37 $55.80 $50.00 $105.80
150W 188W $106.05 55W $31.32 $75.73 $50.00 $125.73
175W 215W $122.42 55W $31.32 $91.10 $60.00 $151.10
250W 295W $167.97 70W $39.86 $128.11 $75.00 $203.11
350W 400W $227.76 98W $55.80 $171.96 $110.00 $281.96
400W 458W $260.78 98W $55.80 $204.98 $110.00 $314.98
1000W 1080W $614.95 296W $168.54 $446.41 $250.00 $696.41

In General...

Our 60Watt LED can replace a 100 - 175 Watt HID Bulb

Our 80-90 Watt LED can replace a 250 - 350 Watt HID Bulb

Our 100-135 Watt LED can replace a 350-400+ Watt HID Bulb

Our Triple 100 Watt LED can replace a 1000W HID


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